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Bed Bug Treatment

Zero critters pest control gold coast is committed to the complete eradication of bedbugs. Bedbugs are one of the true “bugs”, that is, they are insects belonging to Order Hemiptera. Hemipterans all have piercing and sucking mouthparts, and the vast majority of them suck sap from plants. A small proportion of the bugs are ectoparasites of animals, including those belonging to Family Cimicidae, one of which is the bedbug (Cimex lectularius). Although these critters do not seem to be involved with any serious disease transmission, the bites of bedbugs can be very irritating and leave some nasty skin rashes.

Bedbugs as their name indicates, are commonly found in the bed or bedroom. Bedbugs can mistakenly be transported into your home environment via our travels through out the country and overseas from Hotels,  motels, aircraft, picture theatre seating and even second hand furniture, books and stuffed toys just to name a few.


Adult bedbugs are usually 4-5mm long, rusty red-brown coloured, wingless and oval shaped. Their piercing and sucking mouthparts are normally present as a proboscis that is tucked along the ventral part of head and thorax. During feeding, the proboscis is swung forward and downward, impaling the skin of the victim. Body shape is normally quite flattened, but it will be rather expanded and ovoid after a blood meal. Nymphs resemble adults in general appearance. These little critters could be mistaken for small cockroaches in nymph stage.


 Zero critters pest control gold coast will undertake an inspection for evidence in the first step to treat the bedbugs in the building to determine the extent of infestation . All possible hiding places should be inspected, including furniture, wall linings, skirtings, architraves, curtain rods, light fittings, picture frames, shelves, appliances and bedding, including the mattress. Basically every crack, crevice and fold must be inspected for a successful treatment .


 Chemical control is an effective method to control bedbugs, applications are involved are surface spraying, space spraying  and where appropriate, dusting. Hygiene plays it part particularly in conditions of poor hygiene, a clean-up prior to treatment applications can be most beneficial. Washing cloths or bed linen at 60 degrees in Hot water then place in dryer on a hot setting for 30 minutes is a must do, or consider throwing items out in a sealed bag. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose to suck up any visible bugs and eggs you can see and again dispose of the contents in a sealed bag.



 Non chemical method or eco-friendly method is to use steaming which is very effective in killing bedbugs and their eggs on the mattress and shallow crevices without damaging the fabric or leaving chemical residues. Here at zero critters pest control gold coast we are excited to be using a product that is totally non poisonous and is completely safe to you and the environment, even pets. This system we are currently using is APVMA verified for its effectiveness and safety. Also can be found in the code of practice. www.bedbug.org.au

This eco-friendly system actually works by dehydrating the bedbugs when scratching themselves they draw moisture from their bodies. With just one application installed correctly a solution that will last for years & years . 

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