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Carpet Cleaning / From  

Empty House 1-2 Bedrooms $89.00

3 Bedrooms $99.00

4 Bedrooms $119.00

4 Bedrooms Plus Lounge $149.00

Hallway $15.00

Stairs $29.00


Furnished Home 1-2 Bedrooms $99.00

3 Bedrooms $119.00

4 Bedrooms Plus Lounge $179.00



Pest Control & Carpet Cleaning

Exit Clean Specials From.

3 Bedrooms Lounge Dining Room Carpet Cleaned  Full Pest Control Single Story $275.00.

Rugs From $25.00 3mx3m when Booked in for General Carpet Clean.


Pest Control Inside & Out, Full Treatment Pricing

$190.00 Two Story Home

$170.00 Single Story Home

$125.00 Unit/Duplex

What to Expect From A General Pest Control Treatment

*Dust external weep holes & Internal Roof voids

*Spray external wall, eaves, Guttering, around doors & windows

*Spray Mailbox, wheelie Bins & Garden Shed

*Apply Cockroach Gel to Kitchen, Laundry & Bathroom Cupboards

*Spray around Skirting Boards

  • Guaranteed Results And if your not completely 100% Satisfied, I will return free of Charge at no extra cost to you.
  • Servicing Gold Coast – South Brisbane – Northern NSW – Tweed to Byron Bay

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